For immediate Release
1 Feb 2006


Dear Dealers & Customers,


 Thank you for your support for our company and products in last year. Due to your support, we can make the products we can boast of and we will continue to make the products that both dealers and consumers can be satisfied with.


Our TM-01 systems have been evolved as DEVGRU OPERATOR TM02. The changes of the systems are as follows;


1. Sound qaulity is improved by 15%:

    The sensitivity of throat-mic unit has improved by 20%, and speaker unit output has increased by 15%.


2. Main Frame is reinforced:

   The new military-spec material has been adapted to make sure there is no cracks of the hinge.


3. PTT Switch is improved:

   The military-spec engineering plastic has been adapted which can take more than 100kgs of vertical pressure.



4. Cables are changed:

   The new coiled cable is now made by DEVGRU Communications LLC to ensure the best sound quality and to prevent the performance drop at the sudden drop of temperature.


5. Cramper & MOLLE Clip are added:

   The new systems include the clamper and the 1-inch MOLLE clip.



6. Connector Sleeve has better water-tight capacity:

   In the new OPERATOR (TM02), we injection-molded the connector sleeve which protects the composite joint between the water-tight Hirose connector and the heavy-duty cable.


   All new OPERATOR (TM02) is now in production and the old TM01 is now out of production.


Thank you.